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Q: When where the Spartan Helots free?
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What was the relashionship between the perioeci and the helots?

The helots were serfs who delivered half their produce to the Spartan state. The perioeci (people living about) were free landowners within the Spartan domain but not citizens.

Was the Helots citizens of Sparta?

The Helots were not Spartan citizens ; they were essentially slaves .

Spartan half-citizens were free but?

Spartan half-citizens were free, but they could not have any political power. They were the second-class citizens below the nobles and above the helots that were slaves.

Helots were spartan?

The Helots were a subjugated population in Laconia and Messenia, a territory controlled by Sparta

What are spartan helots?

Slaves.!.!. i wish so...

Why were helots important?

Helots were important because they revolted often. The average Spartan citizen had 12 helots to himself. So, the helots outnumbered the Spartans. The helots' large rebellions caused the Spartans to strenghten their army. This constant test of military ability made the Spartan military strong and powerful.

What are Spartan slaves called?

You are looking for the word Helot, however helots were not slaves, they were serfs, that is they were bound to their land, and produced half their produce to the Spartan government.

Where did the word spartan orinate from?

They are not Greek, they are Dorians. They raided from the north and enslaved the helots and settled near the helots.

Who owned helots in ancient Sparta?

The Spartan state. It allocated the produce of seven serfs (helots) to each Spartan male citizen, which freed them from farming and allowed them to concentrate on military training.

What is the spartan name for captive worker?

Captive Spartan workers were called helots.

What was it like to be a helot?

The helots were the state-owned serfs of the Spartans. They were most likely Laconian and Messenian. There was a greater number of helots than Spartans, therefore each year when a Spartan Magistrate took office he declared war on the helots. This meant that the helots could be murdered at any time. The Krypteia, or the Spartan secret police, also routinely killed helots.

In what ways did helots enable Spartan men to become a warrior class?

The helots (serfs) farmed the land and delivered half their produce to Spartan state. This was distributed to the Spartan citizens who were thus able to devote their time to physical fitness and military activities.