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The Helots were the Spartans slaves. If the Spartans treated them well they would have been more likely to successfully rebel.

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Q: Why did the Spartans treat the Helots badly?
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What did the Spartans do to the helots that defeated them?

If the helots defeated the Spartans, the Spartans, being defeated, could not do anything to them.

What did Spartans call their slaves?


What did the Spartans call their captive workers?


The Spartans called their captive workers what?


The Spartans called their captive workers?


What did the Spartans call the captive workers?


What was the Spartans justification for killing the helots?

The Spartans believed that the helots were a threat to their society due to their large numbers and the potential for uprising. Therefore, they justified the killing of helots as a means of maintaining control and order in their society.

How did the helots make the Sparta a military power?

Spartans needed to be able to keep helots at bay

Why were helots important?

Helots were important because they revolted often. The average Spartan citizen had 12 helots to himself. So, the helots outnumbered the Spartans. The helots' large rebellions caused the Spartans to strenghten their army. This constant test of military ability made the Spartan military strong and powerful.

Who were the native people the Spartans enslaved to do work?


What were Spartans slaves called?

Spartan Slaves, or to be more accurate, serfs, were called helots. Sparta became the military state as most know it by today after a revolution of the helots, in which many Spartans died, but were able to gain control over the helots and began to build a viscous army

Why does Sparta want their men in the army?

Sparta wanted their men in the army because they wanted keep control over the helots. Helots were captured enslaved workers. There was so many helots that the Spartans thought that someday they would rebel. To maintain the control of the helots the Spartans started put their men in the army.