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Persian rugs are made in Iran.

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Q: Where are Persian rugs made?
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How do Oriental rugs differ from Persian rugs?

One of the main differences is the location where the rugs are made. Persian rugs are made in Iran while Oriental rugs are made in Asia. In addition, Persian are hand-knotted. However, one can generally say all Persian rugs are Oriental rugs but not all Oriental rugs are Persian.

How do you make Persian rugs?

All rugs are made by weaving .

What types of rugs does Rugman offer?

There are a multitude of rugs that Rugman offers. Rugman offers different types of hand made and Persian rugs that are exquisite. These rugs from Rugman are also of Persian origins. Some of these are also Oriental kinds of rugs.

Why are oriental rugs sometimes called Persian or Turkish rugs?

I am not too sure what you would like to know. Persian rugs would mean that it was made in Persia (modern day Iran), and Turkish would mean that it was made in Turkey.

What has the author Essie Sakhai written?

Essie Sakhai has written: 'The story of carpets' -- subject(s): Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Rugs, Oriental, Rugs, Persian 'Persian Rugs and Carpets'

What were the inventions of Persia?

they made Persian rugs and used gold coins for starters

What is a Persian rug made from?

Persian rugs were generally made with wool pile on cotton foundations but they also used: silk, cotton and sometimes they used a mix of two or three of the materials I had mentioned. I included a link for more information about how rugs are made.

Are Persian rugs expensive?

Yes, Persian rugs are expensive to buy. They are the nicest rugs you can own. They are stunning and would look great in any home.

How do you identify a Persian rug versus a Oriental Rug?

All Persian rugs are Oriental rugs, but not all Oriental rugs are Persian. In order for an Oriental rug to be Persian, it must have been made in the country of Iran. Iranian rugs can come in all different types of styles, colors, weaves, etc. and it can take years of experience to be able to tell the difference, so it is really best to just inquire after the rug's country of origin when trying to figure out if an Oriental rug is Persian or not.

Are Persian rugs made by kids under the age of 14?

Child labor in the production of Persian rugs is a concern. However, not all Persian rugs are made by kids under the age of 14. Some rug-making industries have implemented measures to prevent child labor and ensure ethical production practices. It is important to do proper research and support companies that are transparent about their manufacturing process.

What are the distinquishing features of real Persian rugs?

Real Persian rugs are made in Iran and crafted from a special wool using a specific hand-knotting technique not found in any other carpets. There are tribal rugs and city rugs, each with a very specific "knots per square inch" (KPSI). Keep in mind that "Persian" is the ancient name of Iran. "Persian" rugs come from Iran, and not from Pakistan, India, Turkey. This site has a lot of great info about what to look for and what to avoid:

Where can you purchase a Persian carpet?

Persian carpets can be purchased on a few different websites. The name of the sites they can be purchased on are Brisbane Persian Rugs, Rugs-Oriental or Catalina Rug.