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A Hoosier cabinet can be purchased at your local furniture store, such as Carson Prarie Scott. It can be ordered online on websites such as Amazon, where you need to pay electronically.

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Q: Where can one buy a Hoosier cabinet?
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What is the value of a Hoosier Cabinet?

depends on condition and model and year

Where can one buy a CD cabinet?

There are many places one could buy a cd cabinet. The most likely place to buy a cd cabinet would be home furnishings store such as Bed, Bath, and Beyond or some similar store.

How do you date a Hoosier cabinet?

A Hoosier cabinet is a table with a hutch. The hutch has shelves inside cupboards, or metal sifters for flour. The ones I have seen do not always have a matching top and bottom. The looks range from rustic to very nice wood finishes. A company called Hoosier Manufacturing started making them in the early 1900s. As far as pricing them, check EBay and other online sales sites to get a feeling for how much you might ask.

Where can one buy an Abrasive Blast Cabinet?

An Abrasive Blast Cabinet is a small cabinet that one would use in their garage or workshop to remove paint, rust and other debris from the item they are working on. One can buy an Abrasive Blast Cabinet from Harbor Freight Tools for $119.99.

Where can one buy a rolling file cabinet?

Some of the places that one can buy a rolling file cabinet are Office Depot and Quill. Some of the other retailers where one could purchase a rolling file cabinet are Staples, Ikea, Target and Walmart.

Where can one buy cabinet door hinges?

There are many places where one can buy cabinet door hinges. One can approach their local hardware store, a home improvement store, or order them on eBay.

Where can one buy kitchen cabinet knobs replacement parts?

There are a number of places one can buy kitchen cabinet knob replacement parts from. One can purchase such items from Home Depot, Walmart and Knob Depot.

What is a 1920's hoosier cabinet?

A Hoosier cabinet was built to place in homes where the kitchen was small. It was on wheels and could be moved. It was a work bench for cooking. The porcelain top pulled out so you had a bigger area to prepare food, some had built in flour sifters, pie racks, bread boxes, meat grinders and storage for spices, plates and other kitchen gadgets.

Where can one find designs for under cabinet radios?

One can find designs for under cabinet radios on the Blog website 'Kitchen Cabinet World'. One can also find examples of these types of cabinet and pictures on 'Amazon', 'Sears' and 'Best Buy'.

Where can I buy a locking storage cabinet?

You can purchase a locking storage cabinet at any local hardware or furniture store. You can also try to buy one online. It is also available on ebay.

Is Washington the hoosier state?

Indiana's nickname is The Hoosier State.

Where can one buy cabinet pulls?

Cabinet pulls can be purchased at Lowe's, Sears, and Home Depot. The best place to find high quality cabinet pulls is at Sears or Lowe's, because they have the best.