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Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury Kent in 1564. He attended Cambridge University then moved to London in 1587 where he worked as a playwright. He died in Deptford South London in 1593.

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He died in Deptford in south east london, near to greenwich. ;) hope i can help!

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Q: Where did Christopher marlowe live?
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When was Christopher Marlowe born?

Christopher Marlowe was born on February 26, 1564.

Where was Christopher Marlowe born?

Christopher Marlowe was born on February 26, 1564.

How old was Christopher Marlowe at death?

Christopher Marlowe died on May 30, 1593 at the age of 29.

What was the sexual orientation of Christopher Marlowe?

Some scholars believe that Christopher Marlowe was gay, but there is a lot of debate over it.

Why was the marlowe theater named the marlowe theater?

The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury was named after the playwright Christopher Marlowe who was born in the city.

How old is Christopher Marlowe?

Christopher Marlowe was born on February 26, 1564 and died on May 30, 1593. Christopher Marlowe would have been 29 years old at the time of death or 451 years old today.

Who is the author of DrFaustus?

The author is Christopher Marlowe

Was christopher marlowe killed in a tavern?


What playwright did Christopher Marlowe write?

Christopher Marlowe was a playwright known for works such as "Tamburlaine," "Doctor Faustus," and "The Jew of Malta."

Who wrote Tamburlaine?

"Tamburlaine" was written by English playwright Christopher Marlowe. It is a two-part play that was first performed around 1587-1588.

When did Christopher Marlowe died and born?


What dramatist who died in a tavern in 1593?

Christopher Marlowe