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George Washington House in Barbados is a historic house where the future first U.S. President George Washington visited, in 1751. George Washington stayed in Barbados for 4 months. He visited Bridgetown often and loved the busy streets where vegetables and fruit markets, meat stalls, blacksmiths shops, rum houses, fish stalls, and slave markets could be seen.

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Washington's only trip out of the country was to the island Barbados with his half-brother. As a young officer in the French and Indian War, he went to what is now near Pittsburgh and came back through what is now West Virginia to his home in coastal Virginia. After that, Washington took tours of each of the original thirteen states and more. Eg, after his inauguration, George Washington visited Savannah, GA (about 600 miles from Mt. Vernon), on 12 May 1791.

Commentary about his travels can be found at Mount Vernon's "George Washington and Travel" webpage.

A map of Washington's travels can be found at National Geographic's "Travels of George Washington Map" webpage.

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school (so he could learn more)

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Q: Where did George Washington travel to?
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