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In Calicut, today called Kozhikode, on the south-west coast of India.

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Q: Where did Portuguese establish their first factory in India?
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Who was the first country to establish trade relations with India?

The portuguese

The first Portuguese governor in India was?

the first governor of the portuguese in india was

Who is the first Portuguese came India?

vascoda gama is the first portuguese came to india

Who were the first European trade with India?

the portuguese were the first to trade in India...........

Who were the first Europeans to sail to India?

I'll exclude Alexander the Great's brief conquest of parts of NE India as he wasn't able to hold this territory. The first European countries to establish permanent settlements (trading-posts initially) in India from 1500 onwards were the Portuguese. They were followed by the Dutch and French; and the English were relative lateccomers. However, I think it would misleading to speak of any European country 'ruling' India or any really large part of it till the British conquered Bengal in 1757. Joncey

Who came to India first?


Who came first as traders to india?

The Portuguese came first as traders to India.

How did Portuguese become superior traders?

The Portuguese came first as traders to India

What was the first European country to establish a trading post in china?

the Portuguese

When did the Portuguese occupy Kochi?

Portuguese occupied Kochi by 1503 which was the first European colonial settlement in India. It remained the capital of Portuguese India until 1530, when Goa became the capital.

The Portuguese were the first to enter the slave trade and establish large-scale plantations?


First portuguese man to reach India in 1948?