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Associate Justice Samuel Alito graduated from Yale Law School with a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in 1975. He was an editor of the Yale Law Review.

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Q: Where did US Supreme Court Justice Alito get his law degree?
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Is US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito a white male?

Yes, US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is a white male.

What type of judge is Samuel Alito?

Samuel Alito is an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court.

Who is the first US Supreme Court justice alphabetically?

Samuel Alito

What branch of government is Samuel Alito in?

Samuel Alito is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, which is head of the Judicial branch of government.

What political party is Samuel A Alito Jr?

Justice Samuel Alito is an ultraconservative commonly associated with the Republican Party. Supreme Court justices are discouraged from political partisanship; however, Alito's Supreme Court votes are reliably in line with core Republican values.

Does US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito favor same-sex marriage?

Experts say Justice Alito is not particularly open to arguments in favor of same-sex marriage.

What US Supreme Court justice didn't attend Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony?

Samuel Alito

Who became an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court in 1981?

President Ronald Reagan appointed the first female Supreme Court justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, in 1981. She served on the Court until her retirement in 2006, and was succeeded by sitting Justice Samuel Alito.

Who was nominated by President George W Bush and have been a Supreme Court Justice since 2006?

Samuel Alito is his name.

How long has Samuel Alito been on the supreme court?

Samuel Alito has been on the Supreme Court since January 31, 2006.

Is Samuel Alito a Republican?

Yes. US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is a Republican, and has never voted with the liberal bloc on the Court. His views are considered very conservative, although not as conservative as Justices Scalia and Thomas.Republican.

How many male justices are on the US Supreme Court?

At present (2011) six of the nine US Supreme Court justices are male: Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. Justice Antonin Scalia Justice Anthony Kennedy Justice Clarence Thomas Justice Stephen Breyer Justice Samuel Alito