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Sandra Day O'Connor, who was commissioned in 1981 under President Ronald Regan, retired in 2006. She was replaced on the U.S. Supreme Court in 2006 by Samuel Alito, after the failed nomination of Harriet Miers.

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Q: Which US Supreme Court Justice retired in 2006 after 24 years of service?
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Who was the last protestant justice on the US Supreme Court?

Justice John Paul Stevens, who joined the Court in 1975 and retired in June 2010.

How do you address a retired NYS Supreme Court Justice?

He can be addressed as Mister, Sir, or (as a matter of courtesy) Mister Justice.

What is Sandra Day O'Connor famous for?

Sandra Day O'Connor (born March 26, 1930) is a retired Supreme Court Justice. She was the first woman appointed to be a Justice of the US Supreme Court; President Reagan appointed her in 1981. She served till 2006.

What US Supreme Court justice retired in June 2010?

Justice John Paul Stevens retired from the US Supreme Court on June 29, 2010. President Gerald Ford appointed Stevens to the Court in 1975.For more information, see Related Questions, below.

What is Justice Breyer's part on the US Supreme Court?

Justice Stephen Breyer is currently an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court. President Bill Clinton appointed Breyer in 1994, to succeed Justice Harry Blackmun, who retired. Breyer is considered one of the progressive members of the Court.

Who was nominated to court to court by President Ford?

President Ford nominated Justice John Paul Stevens to the US Supreme Court in 1975. Justice Stevens retired in June 2009 and was succeeded by Justice Sotomayor.

When was William H. Rehnquist Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court?

William H. Rehnquist succeeded Warren Burger as Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court when Burger retired in 1986. Chief Justice Rehnquist presided over the Court until his death in 2005.

Who took Thurgood Marshall's place in the American supreme court?

President George HW Bush appointed Justice Clarence Thomas to the US Supreme Court with Justice Thurgood Marshall retired in 1991.

Who were the female US Supreme Court justices in 2006?

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was a member of the US Supreme Court until January 31, 2006; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the only woman on the Court after Justice O'Connor retired. Ginsburg remained the only female US Supreme Court justice until President Obama appointed Justice Sonia Sotomayor in 2010.

What historic US Supreme Court nomination did President Reagan make in 1981?

President Reagan nominated the first woman, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, to the US Supreme Court in 1981. Justice O'Connor retired in January 2006.

What is an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court?

Associate Justice is the formal title for any US Supreme Court justice who is not the Chief Justice. There are eight Associate Justices and one Chief Justice on the Supreme Court.

Can a Supreme Court justice practice after retirement?

Yes, but not on the US Supreme Court. He or she may sit on a lower federal court, and a few have taken advantage of the opportunity on occasion. A retired justice may also practice law, teach, lecture, write, or do any number of things.