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i dont know i was asking you that question!

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Q: Where did george and Martha meet?
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How did George Washington meet Martha?

at a social gathering when he was a colonel

When did Martha George die?

martha died in1903

When was Martha George born?

Martha George was born in 1892.

George Washington wife?

George Washington married the widow Martha Custis in 1759.

What are the ratings and certificates for George and Martha - 1999?

George and Martha - 1999 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

What age was Martha custis when she was married to George Washington?

Martha and George were both 27 when they married each other.

George Washington married Martha Dandridge?

Martha Dandridge Custis

Where did Washington and Martha lived?

George and Martha Washington lived in Virginia.

Did George Washington have a wife?

Yes. George Washington got married to a woman named Martha (I don't know her last name). So she was Mrs. Martha Washington Bella943 says, George Washington Married Martha Dandridge Custis in 1759

Did George and Martha Washington have kids?

None. Martha had four kids with her first husband, two of which survived. Her and George raised to two surviving ones together.

Is Martha Washington older than George Washington?

George washinton was only about 7 months younger then his wife Martha.

Who is Martha who knew President Washington?

Mrs. George Washington, who was named Martha, is one Martha that knew him.