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The Kwakiutl Is From The Coastal Areas By the Washington state, And Idaho.

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in the nothwest canda is were they live

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Q: Where did the Kwakiutl Indians live?
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What states did the kwakiutl Indians live in?

Oregon and Georgia

Where do the kwakiutal live?

The Kwakiutl Indians live in British Columbia, Canada.

What object did the kwakuitl Indians live in?

The Kwakiutl Indians made their homes out of Cedar trees with bark roofs..

Where do the kwakiutl Indians live?

they live on the border of Canada and Washington State. _yours truly, Dumbo

Did the Lakota Indians live west of kwakiutl?

no theyoccupied lands in both North and South Dakota

What did the kwakiutl Indians play?

they raced

What do Kwakiutl Indians eat?

Kwakiutl Indians eat fish, deer, and moose. They lived on the pacific northwest coast. They also eat crops

Are there any famous kwakiutl Indians?


What is the climate of the kwakiutl Indians?

none of your biss

What was the food like for Kwakiutl Indians?

They catch it

What was the environment like for the kwakiutl Indians?

i was warm

What are Kwakiutl Indians known for?

known for pemmican