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Income Tax

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Q: Where do local governments get their least amount funding from?
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What is the main way that state and local governments get money to run the government?

Property taxes are the main source of funding for local governments.

Which levels of government provides funding for elementary and secondary education?

federal, state, and local governments

When to North Carolina's Constitution funding for public education is the responsibility of?

both state and local governments. (study islands)

According to North Carolinas Constitution funding for public education is the responsibility of?

both state and local governments. recommend and contribute!

Are local state and federal governments funding jail and prison?

Yes, such facilities are built, operated, and supported by your tax money.

In the US, who issues papers to fund the money market?

In the United States, federal, state and local governments all issue paper to meet funding needs States and local governments issue municipal paper. US Treasury issues Treasury bills to fund the US public debt.

The state legislature gives what to local governments?

The state legislature gives power, authority, and funding to local governments. This includes the ability to make and enforce local laws, levy taxes, and provide services to their communities. Additionally, the state legislature may also pass laws that determine the structure and organization of local governments.

Although originally roads were built by the federal governmentthe local and state governments have become increasingly involved in the funding of roads and highway construction. true or false?

i hate NovaNET... the answer is true=]

How many local governments in 2002?

There are tons of different local government that can be found. The local governments include city, village, town and county governments.

How do local governments able to provide serivces?

with better transport and funding to parks

Why do diffrent places vote in their elections in diffrent ways?

Because elections are controlled by state or local governments

Are bonds issued by state or local governments?

________ are bonds issued by state or local governments