Where do peasants live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In a village

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Q: Where do peasants live?
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The living conditions of peasants in Italy in the 16th century?

Where did peasants live?

What did the lords give the peasants?

The peasants give food & land to the lords.

Info on peasants in ancient china?

peasants often live in small houses crammed together.

What did the peasants give the lords?

Place to live

Where did ancient Egyptian peasants live?

On their farms.

Why were peasants in Europe dependent upon nobles?

Were everyone peasants, there would be no peasants.

Where do the peasants live in a Norman castle?

there would be an area at the bottom called a bailey where there would be a village for peasants. Hope this helps! =D

What is a peasant's village?

Where all the peasants live, they lived together. They had no choice.

How did roman peasants live their everyday life?

Like you. EAT,SLEEP,and WORK

What did the peasants give to the lord in exchange for being allowed to live on his land?


What are the main causes of the revolution?

peasants not having enough money and food to live.

Where did serfs live at?

The Serfs lived under the estates of the Lord, along with Peasants.