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Most of the people are or were peasants. Peasants do the work, maintain the population, fight the wars and keep the economy running.

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Q: Why were peasants important?
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Who were considered most important people and the lowest people in Aksum?

the important once were the kings and clergies and the lowest once were peasants and crafts.

Why did medieval peasants support church?

they supported the church because it was an extremely important and religious place.

Why would the storming of the Bastille be important?

The French peasants were able to get weapons and became an army, not just a mob.

Why were peasants less important?

The peasants had the least amount of money compared to the rest of the society and generally the lowest education level, as well. Those two factors contributed to their small importance throughout history.

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Peasants is the correct spelling.

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Knights. Froissart was more focused on battles, chivalry, and nobility.

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Saxon Peasants' Revolt happened in 1790.

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