Where do refugees live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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in Refugee camps

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Q: Where do refugees live?
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Why do refugees come to Britain?

Refugees flee from war and seek a place of safety where they can live in peace.

What would happen if nobody let refugees into new countries to live?

It depends on the reason that they became refugees. If the refugees became refugees because there was a war, riot, etc. they wouldn't be able to live anywhere and would die. And if the reason they became refugees where because the government was gonna put them in jail the could just go to jail.

Where do all the refugees go?

Most refugees live in temporary camps until it becomes safe to return home. Others go to live in other countries.

How does refugees travel?

Refugees get to a safer place by going to another country. Refugees have a 6 week orientation and then get a safe place to live. After, if want can apply for countries citizenship.

Where do the Darfur refugees live?

Along Chad's border.

How many Haitian refugees live in the Bahamas?


What would happen if nobody let refugees into new countries to let them live?

Refugees would eventually die of starvation.

How many Somalian refugees live in the state of Maine?


Do refugees usually live in fancy houses?

Refugees often arrive with little more than the clothes they are wearing. They frequently live in poverty, and in run-down housing, until they are able to work.

Why should refugees be treated better?

Refugees are sometimes treated unfairly because they are unaware of their rights in their receiving country. Some refugees are just glad/lucky to be alive at all.

What would happen if nobydy let refugees into new countries to live?

They would protest

Where are refugees located and why?

They are located in are safe place far away from danger so they can live again