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Because the country has been at war since 2001.

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there are so many refugees itoday because there so many wars going on.

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Q: Why are there so many refugees today?
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How many refugees are in America?

35 million refugees are in the world today

Are there still refugees fleeing today?

Yes there are many millions of refugees today in many parts of the world where there is conflict. You seriously need to watch the news or read the papers. Have you not heard that there are four million Syrian refugees who have fled the civil war in Syria? The situation is so bad that it is talked about all the time.

Why are there so many refugees today proove it?

There ae so many refugees here bcause of war. People cannnot afford high prices, which are useable for there daily life.Like...if a person cannot afford its clohing, so he needs to be refugee.

Why does Uganda have so many people?

Because there are many refugees there.

Why are there so many Iraqi refugees?

there are so many Iraqi refugees because of the military occupation from the U.S. there are many people that are forced out of their homes and have to leave the country. some people leave the country because they are scared that they are going to be killed

What are the release dates for Today - 1982 Soccer Team Gives Hope to Refugees?

Today - 1982 Soccer Team Gives Hope to Refugees was released on: USA: 27 June 2007

Is Pakistan has many refugees then Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is has less refugees

How many refugees are there in the world?

As of 2021, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimated that there were over 26 million refugees worldwide. This number includes individuals who have fled their home countries due to conflict, persecution, or other forms of violence.

Where do most refugees come from today?

Some areas refugees come from are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, most of the countries that are considered "poor" and have been ravaged by war. No offense to anyone, and sorry if I am. Rastace.

Why are there so many Tibetans living in India?

They are religious refugees from persecution in Tibet by the Chinese.

Are all refugees Asian?

No. Refugees can come from many parts of the world.

How many refugees were there after operation rolling thunder?

3,000,000 were left as refugees