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George Washington has resided at the Washington family vault, at Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States for the last 211 years.

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Q: Where has George Washington lived most of his life?
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How lived the most years Abraham Lincoln or George Washington?

The one who lived the longest was George Washington with years 67. Abraham lived 56 years.

Where did George Washington lived?

George Washington spent most of his life at his estate known as Mount Vernon, located on the Potomac River in northern Virginia.

What other scientist lived during nikola teslas life?

The most know person was Edison.

Where did geore Washington live?

George Washington lived at Mount Vernon, a plantation located in Virginia along the Potomac River. He resided there for most of his life and it is where he passed away in 1799.

Where did George Washington live before he was presidents?

George Washington lived most of his life in Virginia. That is where he was born and where he lived before he was president. As President, he took up residence at the President's House in Philadelphia because the White House had not yet been built. When his two terms as President were over, he moved back to Virginia, which is where he died.

What influenced Abraham Lincoln's life the most?

George Washington

What was the family life of George Washington?

he was the most spoiled boy in the family

Who was George Washington wife and sons?

George Washington's wife was Martha, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington. George Washington did not have any children ,but he happily lived with his wife Martha and spent most of his lifetime in Mount Vernon, located on the Potamic River in northern Virginia.

Where did George Washington Carver live most of his life?

George Washington Carver lived most of his life in Tuskegee, Alabama. He spent over 40 years at the Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University), where he taught and conducted research on agriculture and farming techniques. Carver made significant contributions to agricultural science, especially in the field of crop rotation and soil conservation.

Occupation of George Washington?

For most of his life, George Washington was a Virginia planter. He also was a soldier and a general and spent some time as a surveyor.

Who was the artist who painted George Washington?

Gilbert Charles Stuart was George Washington's portraitist. He lived from 1755-1828 and is said to be the world's most famous portraitist.

Who lived most resently-Jesus or George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or Eleanor Roosevelt?

Eleanor Roosevelt is the most recent (by over 100 years)