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The most power in Congress is found by the majority party at the time. They generally have the most say over what laws get approved and which do not. They are led by the Majority Speaker and the entire congressional body is led by the Speaker of the House.

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Q: Where is most of the power in congress found?
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Is the power of congress found in the preamble?


Who had the most power in the Articles of Confederation?

Congress had the most power.

Who has the power to declared war?


Who can the US Congress not pass punishment on?

No one. Congress does not have the power to enforce laws. Such is an Executive power. Congress cannot even punish its own members. The worst Congress can do is censure members of Congress found guilty of crimes or of violating ethics. Censure is essentially a loss of faith and little more.

Where is the express power of Congress to legislate against discrimination found?

There is no express power of Congresd to legislate against discrimination in the Constitution

Choose the power given to Congress that is most often associated with the elastic clause?

implied power.

Congress has the power to do what?

Congress has the power to tax

What is the power of congress?

constituent power of congress

The power of congress are found in article 1 section 8 of the constitution?


What is considered the most important power that the US Congress holds?

The most important power is the power to make laws.

Who had the most power at the Articles of Confederation?

congress had the power to amend the articles of confederation

The congress has the power of approval?

yes the congress have the power of approval