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Many claims have been made by various countries for the title of "first public library"

The Romans had collections of Greek and Latin scrolls which were available in the dry sections of Roman bath houses, but you could not check books out.

The North African Islamic empire of the 9th century had sort of lending libraries but access was restricted.

The earliest public library in England was established at the London Guildhall in 1425.

The Italian Malatestiana Library is a public library dating from 1452 in Cesena.

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The oldest library in the US is the Darby Free Library which is located in Darby Pennsylvania. The library has been in continuous use since 1743.

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Q: Where is the oldest public library located?
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Did New York have the oldest public library?

No, Philadelphia has the oldest library. The Library Company of Philadelphia was founded in 1731.

Is Franklin Public Library in MA the nation's first?

Scoville Public Library in Salisbury, Connecticut claims to be the oldest public library; they have a plaque.

What is theunited states oldest puplic library?

The Franklin Public Library

What European nation has the oldest public library?

I believe it is England, with a public library in England established at the London Guildhall in 1425.

Where is the Kinney Public Library in Kinney located?

The Kinney Public Library is located in the town of Kinney.

In what state is the Pasadena library located?

There are two Pasadena libraries. One is the Pasadena Public Library which is located in Pasadena, Texas. The other Pasadena Public Library is located in Pasadena California.

Where is the Boulder Public Library located?

It appears that there are four different branches of the Boulder Public library which are all located in Boulder, Colorado. The main library is located at 1001 Arapahoe Avenue.

Is the Peabody Public Library the third oldest library in the world?

No, Non of the USA Libraries would count as the 3rd.

Where is the Roseland Public Library in Roseland located?

The Roseland Public Library is located in the Borough of Roseland, New Jersey.

Where is the Abbot Public Library in Marblehead located?

The Abbot Public Library is located at 235 Pleasant Street in Marblehead.

Where is the Ivanhoe Public Library in Ivanhoe located?

The Ivanhoe Public Library is located in Ivanhoe, California. The specific address of the library can be found by searching online or contacting the library directly.

Where is the Maynard Public Library in Maynard located?

The Maynard Public Library in Maynard, Massachusetts is located at 77 Nason Street.