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San Marino.

The official date of the founding of the 'Repubblica di San Marino' is 3rd September 301 AD.
a question without a specific answer, could be San Marino, or Liechtenstein or maybe Switzerland. The USA is old, but not that old
San Marino is the oldest recognised republic in the world. It was established circa 100 AD by the original Roman Catholic Church as a republic independent of the church. Despite this "independence" the church held much sway politically in the new republic, mainly because most of San Marino's occupants were non-nationals and loyal to the Vatican. The Pope at the time, Gregory IV, decreed that San Marino must be allowed to have autonomy and established "The Papal Decree of the San Marinese Republic". Once again, however, the church began to assert itself as San Marino's main benefactor and San Marino came under the sole control of The Papal Unified States circa 304AD. The Roman Empire was becoming increasingly Catholic and church influence on Empire matters were at odds with Empire policy of "Conquer and Occupy" Church policy was that of spiritual conquerage rather than blood-spill. There were numerous attempts by Rome to take San Marino but the church had legal de facto rights to the republic and so by the end of the Roman Empire circa 440AD, San Marino was declared an independent autonomous region but viataly not a republic this time. This enabled the church to once again assert influence and became one of the world's first "tax havens" where Papal fortune was amassed. This status quo lasted nearly a thousand years before Florence deafeated Lazio in what is sometimes referred to as "The Second Fall of Rome" Since that time San Marino has been an independent republic with it's own parliament and law. During the Unification of Italy there was rumblings of discontent in the new Italian authority government in Turin that San Marino should be part of the new Italy. This was unanimously thrown out by the church and parliamentarians saying that San Marino is not only legally autonomous, but morally San Marinese and therefore the people were not Italians.

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Where is the world's newest Republic?

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Russia, is a federal republic

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Q: Where is the world's newest Republic?
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