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Presidential palace front lawn in Saigon.

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Q: Where was the location of the souths surrender to the north?
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The souths geatest adantage in the war?

It was the fact that they had 2 countries on there side before the north used total war on them that forced them to surrender.

What union general accepted souths surrender during civil war?

General Ulysses S. Grant accepted the surrender of the south at appomattox courthouse.

How did the north population differ from the souths population?

The North's population was much larger than the South's.

What was the Souths Plan going into the Civil War?

the souths plan was for to wait till the north gave up or got tired like fort Sumter

Most of the New Souths iron and steel industry was concentrated in?

north alabama

The location of the Japanese surrender ceremony was?

The location of the Japanese surrender ceremony was _______.

What is so interesting about South Korea?

It is separated from North Korea, and Souths' economy is better than norths'.

Why the efficient railway network was one of the souths strength?

The railway was an easy way to transport war goods to certain areas when needed. The railroad would transfer troops,weapon and food to a location that needed protection when the North would attack.

When was Souths Rugby created?

Souths Rugby was created in 1948.

What were the 2 parts of the souths war plan?

Invade the North. Thereby gain international recognition and military aid.

What year did Rommel force's surrender in North America?

Is this a trick question? His forces did not surrender in North America. His last of his forces surrendered in North Africa in May 1943.

Where did sitting bull surrender at?

he surrender at fort rice in North Dakota i think so!!!