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The nearest attack by Japan on US mainland took place in Oregon state forest. This took place in 1942 and was the only attack on the mainland.

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Q: Where were the nearest Japanese attack to the us mainland?
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Did armed US citizens prevent a Japanese attack on the US mainland?

Generally speaking, yes. The US mainland had many more forces than the Japanese could easily attack. Additionally, the aircraft carriers would have had to come suspiciously close to the USA before launching the fighters, which would have prevented the element of surprise.

Was there ever a military attack on the US mainland?

Yes, by the British from Canada in 1812. Also, in 1916, the guerrilla general Pancho Villa attacked the US from Mexico, and the US was attacked by Japanese balloon bombs during World War 2, but the War of 1812 was the largest military attack on the US mainland.

What if Japanese fleet attack mainland United State after Hawaii?

The Japanese rejected the idea of invading the continental US due to the fact that so many civilians owned guns.

Do US use the strategy of island hopping to?

move closer to the Japanese mainland.

Why were Japanese-Americans placed into internment camps following the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The internment camps were established to limit communication between Japanese-Americans and Japan due to a condern that the planning of the attack on Pearl Harbor could lead to a direct attack on the US mainland. There was no difinite connection that someone within the US was or was not involved in the planning of the attack.

Why did the Japanese attack the US so easily?

The US was NOT at war prior to the attack.

What year did the first Japanese immigrants settled on the us mainland?


When did Japanese attack us?


How did the Japanese lull the US into the attack on Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese did not lull the US into an attack on Pearl Harbor. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, not the other way around.

Why didn't the Japanese attack the US Homeland?

Japanese leadership thought a swift and devastating attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet would give them control of the Pacific Ocean and force the U.S. to sue for peace. They never wanted to or intended to attack the U.S. mainland in force. Their strategy was to seek a short war and negotiated peace placing Japan in a position of leadership in Asia.

How was the Japanese attack at Midway foiled?

The Japanese had planned a surprise attack on Midway. The surprise was foiled because the US had broken Japan's military code and the US was prepared for the attack.

What was the name of the Japanese attack on the US?