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Speaker 3: We're not a small community anymore, so gathering everyone together to make decisions takes way too much time. -Apex-

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How does you use the word municipal in a sentence?

The meeting at the city municipal building started at 7 p.m.The municipal officials refused to hear the citizens.

Where does Canada's municipals government meet?

Municipal Governments meet in various places. They could meet in the local town house, or, meeting hall, town hall, or city hall it depends on the Municipality.

How do the 3 levels of government work together in Canada?

They work together by passing down the news. Lets say the municipal stage of government wants to make a rule or law they then have to pass that down to provincial government to let them know, then the provincial government passes it down to the final government...the federal government and they then have a meeting together and discuss the pros and cons of this law or rule that is how the 3 levels of government work together.

What does CHOGM stands for?

CHOGM is an acronym for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. This is a biennial meeting of the government heads of all Commonwealth nations.

A meeting at which new a plan for the American government was written?

A meeting at which a new plan for the American government was written was called the First Continental Congress. Only about 6 delegates came to this first meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Where do government have there meeting?

Washington D.C the capital house

Why are some people inclined to stay away from the sabbath meeting?

----------------------- My guess is that deep down they have come to realise that religion is not based on fact, but do not wish to hurt your feelings by expressing this. They stay away from the Sabbath meeting because it no longer has relevence to them.

What form of government is a town meeting an example of?

I think democracy

What does the acronym CHOGM means?

Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting

What is full form of CHOGM?

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

Where is The central meeting place for government officials in ancient Greece?


The chief agency of government in the new England village was the?

Town meeting