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The 4th Amendment states that no search warrants shall issue but upon probable cause.

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Q: Which Amendment refers to warrants
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What amendment falls in Warrants?

Warrants are generally covered under the Fourth Amendment.

What sections of the US Constitution control how warrants are issued?

You are referring to the 4th Amendment to the Constituion, but it does not spell out how warransts are issued, only that warrants are necessary.

What constitutional amendment guarantees warrants will be issued only with sworn depositions?


Which is true about protection provided by the 4th amendment?

Warrants are needed to search for evidence in homes

Under which category does this Constitutional Amendment fall No searches and seizures without legal warrants?


Is the fourth amendment and example of judicial review?

The fourth amendment to the US Constitution deals with the rights of citizens to have due process and requires warrants for searches. Judicial review is not really relevant to this amendment.

What British action may have caused the Fourth Amendment?

The Fourth Amendment was intended to prevent any actions similar to the hated British practice known as the 'writ of assistance.' It essentially amounted to general search warrants, rather than specific search warrants, that were frequently and easily abused.

What does fourth amendment protect?

guards against unreasonable searches and seizures. The amendment specifically also requires search and arrest warrants be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause

What is radifying an amendment?

Ratification of an amendment refers to the formal validation of a proposed law.

Which amendment refers to assault and battery?

In the U.S. - if you are referring to an Amendment of the Constitution - there is no such amendment that SPECIFICALLY addresses that SPECIFIC crime.

Who was the founder of the fourth amendment?

James Madison introduced it to congress... it was created do to the use of general warrants by Great Britain to seize anything...

Does the fourth amendment allows search warrants to be issued for specific purposes looking for a specific item or items that are thought to be illegal?