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North Korea because it is a communist Dictatorship.

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Q: Which Korea does the us not like?
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Did North Korea hates us?

Yes North Korea does not like the US mainly because of the country's involvement in the Korean War between North and South Korea.

Does north Korea have the right to bear arms like the US?


Did ancient Korea collapse?

NO! This is because if ancient Korea did collapse then Korea wouldn't be with us here in our world. If it did collapse it would be like the Maya, Inca and Aztecs. Maya, Inca and Aztecs are not with us because the civilization has collapsed.

If a us military member gets in trouble in Korea who handles the punishment the us or Korea?


Is south Korea allies with the US or enemy of the US?

South Korea

Who hates Korea name in snsd?

North Korea has issues with the US. But the US does not hate Korea. The US has a strong and very old alliance with China that makes then stronger than Korea.

Who did the US support in Korea?

South Korea

Does the US trade with North Korea?

No. The US leads the world in enforcing sanctions against North Korea.

Did South Korea ever help America?

Outside of being an infallible ally (although the media may make it look like Korea is anti-US), South Korea assisted during the Vietnam war not just with soldiers but as a supply source.South Korea has assisted the US in every war since then. The effort may have looked minor, but at least diplomatically it meant that Korea backed the US decisions.

What was Korea's reaction to American involvement in the Korean War?

South Korea welcomed us, North Korea fought us.

Why does south Korea hate the US?

you cannot determine like word "like" 'cause they were same nation before, back in history. but, they do help north Korea though... but they also don't like, because of the weapon they have, nuclear..

Who wins the Korean war?

The Korean war was actually a draw. Basically the war went like this: North Korea (communist) invaded South Korea (democratic) and almost won so the US came in to help South Korea Then the US and South Korea then almost won the war so China interceeded on behalf of North Korea and drove the US and South Korea back to the 38th parellel. There the war stalled out for awhile and eventually a peace treaty was signed between the US and China, not by either Korea. Technically North and South Korea are still at war, it just isn't a shooting war.