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Ronald Reagan's Recovery: "Honey, I Forgot to Duck" | Presidents ...

The President had been shot. Another nurse, Marisa Mize, held his hand. ... It

was what heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey said afterhe lost the ...

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Ronald reagen

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Q: Which President joked after being shot and said Honey you forgot to duck?
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Which presidents nickname was unconditional surrender?

U.S. Grant. When he was a general during the Civil War, his troops joked that the initials stood for "Unconditional Surrender".

What was George Washington nickname?

"The Father of our Country".George Washington was known as The Father of his country.

What is a true statement about George Washington?

1.George Washington was the first presidentGeorge Washington was born the year of 1732 and died 1799George Washington is a very amazing man, great hero, and very important in American history. Through out this writing you will find out why. I admire George Washington because he is very brave and also he was a very strong Christian.He accomplished many, many things. These things included becoming the very fist President of America, he was one of the most powerful leaders in the Revolutionary war, and He helped free his country from England.His best character traits were brave, responsible, loving, daring, and confident. People should admire his sacrifice braveness, loyalties, and also his kindness. Now, how would you like to meet George Washington?George Washington took leadership of the American revolutionary forces. He ultimately became the first president of the U.S. and served two terms. His estate was just south of Washington D.C. on the Potomac River, named Mt. Vernon. Having resided in Virginia, a slave state, like many plantation owners, he owned slaves. Those are just some of the facts.He weighed over 200 poundsHe was voted to be president unanimously (not anonymous.. Unanimous)which means that everyone voted for him, not one single person opposed him.He was a war general, who lead the war against British, and won.He only served two terms of presidency because he did not want to start forming a monarchy (kings and queens).In the beginning of his presidency, he was asked to choose a title for himself, and he simply chose "Mr. President".He took his soldiers in the winter to a cold, snowy forest to train them and make them as strong as the British army (aka "The Redcoats"). This event is also known as "The Winter at Valley forge."he fought in the wars against the french and Indians.George Washington (1732-1799), the soldier, politician and first President of the USAGeorge Washington was Episcopalian.He was the only President to be elected unanimously.He didn't have a political party. He opposed the idea of political parties.American presidentcommander and chief of the armydied 1799elected president 1799married to Martha custisnickname father of the countrywas very honest with all of his workfirst American presidentgeneral of American armyhad no children- He did not have wooden teethHe adopted two of Martha's children there names are john and Martha. Martha was named after her mother.He had a great favorite color it was red for the blood shed by him and his troops.He was the 1st president of the United States of America.He did NOT actually cut down a cherry tree, that is just a story used to show how honest he was. That is a fascinating fact about George Washington.He was USA's first president.George Washington was born the year of 1732 and died 1799he wrote a journal when he went on a adventure1. He was an army leader.2. He was the first President of the United States.3. Was born on February 22, 1732.4. He was born near the Westmoreland County, Virginia.5. He was a planter in 1748.6. He worked as a surveyor.He was the chief leader of the continental Army1) George Washington loves to fish and go horseback riding2) he was the only president to not live in the white house...he chose where it was going to be built3)George's first set of dentures were made from cow's teeth. Later, he had a second pair made of hippopotamus ivory due to a bad tooth diseaseThat he is the first President of the United States.When at age 57, he had all his teeth pulled out, from then on he wore ivory false teeth.In 1755 he became a Commander in Chief of Virginia forces.Washington won his election for first term by 100% votesWashington died from the chillsThat is 5He was a general in the Revolutionary War and our was the first president. George Washington even married a lady named Martha Drawbridge. Also lived through the life span of 1737-1799. But his place of birth is in Westmoreland county, Virginia on February 22nd.When George Washington was president his vice president was a man named John Adams and his career was Surveyor, Farmer, Politician, Statesman, Commander in Chief of Continental Army during the American Revolution. He was the president through 1789- 1797. The Political Party was federalist. He also had the religion of Episcopalian.Considering George Washington was a president I bet you might find the facts that he loved ice cream, and his dentures had a little issues with termites interesting!Now you might ask yourself how/where he died and this paragraph will tell you. Washington had only three years of retirement at Mount Vernon. He died from a throat infection on December 14, 1799. There are some who say he died from pneumonia or that the doctor bled him, which was a common practice back then, and he bled him too much and that caused his death. Most believe it was a throat infection, like tonsillitis or laryngitis.Another answer to the question, "How did George Washington die?" could be that he died with courage and grace. On his deathbed, he said, I die hard but I am not afraid to go. At his funeral, Henry Lee claimed him to be "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen".he died at age 67 at his home of mount Vernon on December 14 1799 at 10:00 amHe adopted two of Martha's children there names are john and Martha. Martha was named after her mother.

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