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Q: Which Speaker of the House also controlled the Senate Rules Committee?
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Who controls the agenda for senate sessions?

The agenda for Senate sessions is controlled by the Speaker of the House. The Speaker of the house is currently John Boehner.

What agency coordinates the budget-making work of congress?

The Speaker of the House and the Majority Whip and the chairman of the Ways and Means committee in the House; the President of the Senate and the Majority Whip in the Senate and the chairman of the Senate committee that does the budget, guides this through congress.

Who refers bills to committees in the House?

The Parliamentarian of the United States Senate

People in the legislative branch?

The 'people' of this US Branch is consisted of two houses, House of Representatives and The Senate, with a house of committee in each, and the Vice President is Speaker of the House.

Speaker of the hosue is that the senate or house?

The Speaker of the House is an office in the House of Representatives. The Speaker is the leader of the House. The leader of the Senate is the President Pro Tempore.

Which two committees are most important in the senate?

I think in the a. House i. House Committee on Ways and Means ii. House Committee on Agriculture iii. House Committee on Appropriations iv. House Committee on the Budget v. House Committee on Education and the Workforce b. Senate i. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry ii. Senate Committee on Appropriations iii. Senate Committee on the Budget iv. Senate Committee on Finance v. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions this is what I got off of!

Which house committee does not have a counterpart in the senate?

United States Senate Armed Services Committee.

Is the Speaker the leader in the Senate or House of Representatives?

The Speaker of the House is the leader of the House of Representatives. The President of the Senate (who is also the Vice President) is the leader of the Senate.

Which pair of committee types contains both house and senate members?

The joint committee has both house and senate members.

What branch of the legislature has more flexible rules house or senate?

The Senate has way more lax rules than the House. Mainly because the House has a Rules Committee and regulates who will speak when. In the Senate, there is no Speaker (it should be the VP but he has no true power, and hardly attends) therefore less rules.

Who makes committee appointments in the House?

The speaker of the house and the majority leaders decide the committee assignments.

What type of committee has members of both the house and senate?

A joint committee.