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Department of the Interior

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Q: Which US Department sports the seal of a sun?
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What us department's seal has a sun on it?


What US department has a windmill on its seal?

The Department of Energy. The Windmill is accompanied by a Hydroelectric generator, lightning bolt, sun, oil derrick and the symbol for Atomic energy.

What US Dept has a plow on its seal?

The Department of Agriculture.

Why does the US Marines seal read Department of the Navy?

Because the Marine Corps, along with the US Navy, are the two uniformed services which comprise the Department of the Navy. This department is a component of the Department of Defense.

What does the seal on a US 10 dollar bill represent?

It's the Treasury Department seal and is a mark of authenticity because it indicates the bill is issued by the US Treasury.

Where is the seal on a US 20 dollar bill?

For modern bills, the Treasury Department seal is green and underneath the large word TWENTY on the right-hand side of the bill's face.

What does the imperial seal of japan mean?

Its typical sun worship, just like all the other coat of arms. Look at the nazi's, soviets, english, us coat of arms. Its all sun worship.

The US Department of Defense was originally called what?

The US Department of Defense was originally called the US War Department.

Passports are issued to US citizens by what department?

The US Department of State issues US passports!

What is the US Fish and Wildlife Department?

There is no "US Fish and Wildlife Department." I must assume that you mean the US Fish and Wildlife Service, which is part of the US Department of the Interior.

Is the US Department of treasury a government owned company?

The US Treasury Department is an executive department of the federal government.

What is the name of the cabinet department that is charge of the US military?

The Department of Defense is in charge of the U.S. military.