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billy bob and joe

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Q: Which US President didn't have children?
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What are the names of the US President's children?

President Obama's children are Malia & Natasha.

What US president adopted children?

Andrew Jackson. He had ten adopted children.

What US President had 10 children?

John Tyler had 14 children - I do not think any president had exactly 10 .

Why didn't President Andrew Jackson want to let Texas into the US?

there was an equal amount of slave states and non slave states in the US at the time, and he didnt want to upset the balance. the US also didnt want a war with Mexico.

Why did US fail to accept the Peace Treaty?

Because the US senate didnt approve of it. And the president had had a stroke so he couldn't sign it himself.

Who created the US children bureau?

President Taft in 1912

What does the president do of the US?

He teaches the American children proper grammar.

Did Vice President of the US Levi Parsons Morton have any children?


What did the president do to help end the crisis in america.?

He protected us during harse times.. And tried to save us but the house was acting childish and didnt pass it.

Does jean batten have children?

No she didnt she didnt even got married

What inspired John Tyler to run for president?

he didnt run for president

What are Mae jemisons childrens are?

No she didnt get married so she didnt have children keep in mindI dont know but she did have 3 children