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Caring for your parents when they are old and can no longer care for themselves.

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Q: Which action is an example of filial piety?
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What Is Fitial Piety?

Misspelled filial piety

Can you please Define Filial Piety?

Filial piety is the Confucian virtue of honoring the elders in your family.

What was not a feature of filial piety?

Not contradicting or disobeying one's parents or elders was a feature of filial piety.

What is filial piety associated with?

Filial piety is from the ancient religion Confucianism. It is where the children are devoted and respect their parents...hope this helped ;)

What is facial piety?

I don't know if there is any such thing as facial piety but this might have been confused with filial piety. filial piety was a belief introduced by Confucius in ancient China. Filial Piety is the belief that any person owes their utmost amount of respect to their parents and serve their parents until death.

What means respect for ones parents?

Filial piety

What relationship were not affected by filial piety?

Doctor and patient

What is a good acrostic poem for filial piety?

Fostering love, respect, Instilling values deep within, Loyalty and care, always shown, In filial piety, family wins.

What does fial piety means?

I think the phrase is "filial piety". It means respect for one's parents and ancestors.

What is a filial crow?

Crows feed their old or weakened parents. Compared to other animals, this is a fine display of filial piety.

The virtue of filial piety means?

Respect and love your parents and grandparents

What has the author Pei Ki Goh written?

Pei Ki. Goh has written: 'Stories of filial piety' -- subject(s): Comic books, strips, Confucian ethics, Filial piety 'Popular chinese proverbs ='