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creating standardized tests for high school students

determining the required width for a sidewalk

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just trying to help

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thanks bro
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*high five*
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Lol you guys. Anyways thanks man! You really helped me out!
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Inspecting restaurant kitchens to make sure they are clean

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Determining the required width for a sidewalk



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Government action in response to an issue?

When the government takes action in response to an issue, it does so through public policy. Public policy can range from education policy to energy policy.

What is governments action in response to an issue?

public policy

What is public formulation?

The assessment taken by government when deciding on action for public policy.

What is a public policy?

a course of action taken by a government body

How can you use social policy in a sentence?

Example sentence - My thesis had to include an example of social policy in action.

The decision to raise taxes is an example of what?

public policy

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Public policy is the framework for government action in a specific area of concern. Public policy can come from citizen demands for action or bureaucratic processes focusing on a previously citizen identified issue. Although the government gets blamed a lot for public policies of one sort or another the reality is that all public policy has at its core a demand from the public. In The United States of America public policy is a result of a process of evaluation and consideration, usually by experts in the field or by persons with experience with the issues. American public policy is a written, publicly approved document with specific outlines of the problem or issue, a course of action, a designation of a particular government agency or private enterprise with the job of carrying out the course of action and occasionally a method of evaluating progress or failure in the policy. Certain academic professionals (your teacher, for example) might use different language and have specific items as features in mind. So be aware.

What is the course of action taken by government to achieve community goals?

public policy

What is the course of action the government takes in response to an issue or problem?

Public Policy!!!!

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is there public policy existing in the philippines about school-aged children are out on the streets late at night?

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