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Q: Which action of the soviet government resulted in the event described in this quote?
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What was one action the soviet government proposed?

Like all Governments everywhere, the Soviet Government will have proposed many actions. You need to be more specific as to what action or actions this question is about.

What resulted in restructuring the government and economy of the Soviet Union?

This is in my History Of Our World book so it's the right answer. It's perestroika.

Why was West Berlin described as a bone in the throat and threat of the Soviet Union?

Why was West Berlin described as a "bone in the throat" of the Soviet Union

When was Russian Soviet Government Bureau created?

Russian Soviet Government Bureau was created in 1919.

When did Russian Soviet Government Bureau end?

Russian Soviet Government Bureau ended in 1921.

This person described soviet domination as the iron curtain?

winston churchill

Soviet leader who loosened government control of Soviet people?

Mikhail Gorbachev

What is Soviet Democracy?

Union government

What did the region described as being behind the iron curtain?

The Soviet Union and its satellites

What was the difference between the forms of goverenment in the US and the Soviet Union?

The United States had a democratic government and the Soviet Union had a Communist government.

Ronald Reagans USSR?

The policy of Ronald Reagan's administration toward the Soviet Union was that the communist type of government was untenable. He believed that the form of government would fail within a few years of his presidency.

Mikhail Gorbachevs reforms of perestroika and glasnost resulted in?

conditions that aided in the break up of the Soviet Union