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Q: Which action of the soviet government resulted in the event described in this quote?
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In october 1917 the provisional government in russia after you were overthrown what people came to power?

the soviet party the Bolsheviks

How did World War I end for russia?

Russia one of the main combatants of world war 1 would fight until revolutionaries took control of the Russian capitol and formed the U.s.s.r, the newly formed Soviet government was unable and unwilling to continue the war against Germany and signed an armistice in November of 1918 This armstice awarded the Germans with a large portion of Soviet lands, encompassing modern day western Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The Defeat of the Germans resulted in some of this land to be restored to the Soviet Union, however war was just beginning for the Soviet union. The Soviet union would spend the next 5 years trying to fight Ukrainian, Polish Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian independence movements in Europe alone. They would only manage to reclaim the Ukraine due to the politics of the Ukrainian allies in Poland

Who was the revolutionary leader who seized control of the government of cuba and became a communist ally of the soviet union?

Fidel Castro

An oligarchy is a form of government where one king rules?

No. that is a (absolute) monarchy. An Oligarchy is government by the few: for example the UK after the Magna Carta was controlled by the barons, or the Soviet Union controlled by the politburo, may be considered to have been oligarchies

How can government lose legitimacy?

A government loses legitimacy by irritating the governed to the point that they stop coöperating with the government. This is what happened to the government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, which now no longer exists, and the government of the German "Democratic" Republic. A government usually irritates people by flagrantly defying the constitution and taking bribes … I mean, "campaign contributions" … from the wealthy elite. This is currently going on in the United States and the EU (Empire Unfolding).

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What was one action the soviet government proposed?

Like all Governments everywhere, the Soviet Government will have proposed many actions. You need to be more specific as to what action or actions this question is about.

What resulted in restructuring the government and economy of the Soviet Union?

This is in my History Of Our World book so it's the right answer. It's perestroika.

Why was West Berlin described as a and ldquobone in the throat and of the Soviet Union?

Why was West Berlin described as a "bone in the throat" of the Soviet Union

The Cold War resulted from what?

The Cold War resulted from lack of trust between the U.S and The Soviet Union.

What kind of government is Soviet Union?

The Soviet Union was a communist government in WW2

What action taken by the Soviet Union created tension between the Soviet government and the government of the US and its allies?

The Soviet Union announced that it would declare war on Japan several times, but Stalin continued to delay the actual declaration. This ultimately led to the upsetting of the US and its allies.

When was Russian Soviet Government Bureau created?

Russian Soviet Government Bureau was created in 1919.

When did Russian Soviet Government Bureau end?

Russian Soviet Government Bureau ended in 1921.

What type of government did the Soviet Union establish in satellite states?

What type of government was the soviet union

After world war 2 the government of the soviet union was what?

The government of the Soviet Union were communist one.

Who described the soviet union as an evil empire?

Ronald Reagan

How long did cold war last?

The Cold War lasted from 1945 until 1991. It was an ongoing war between the Soviet Union and NATO which resulted in no direct military action against each other.

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