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Having the same occupation as their parents

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Q: Which activity would most characteristic of people in a traditional Society?
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Which activity would be most characteristic of people in a traditional society?

estaflishing a mercantile system of trade

What is an characteristic of an traditional?

people hit eachother in da face

Which characteristic is most essential to democratic society?

The characteristic that is the most essential to a democratic society is the ability to vote. People get to choose their leaders and rules.

The Chinese people have traditional relied most heavily on which economic activity for their livelihood?


Benefits to society of business activity?

The society benefits from the business activities as people fulfill their needs and wants that are produced by the business organisations/factories and unemployed people find jobs.

Which of these is not a characteristic of a complex society?

A lack of social hierarchy is not a characteristic of a complex society. Complex societies typically exhibit social hierarchies, division of labor, urban centers, and formal political structures.

Traditional Chinese values emphasized that the best society was one in which people?

Carried out their assigned task and duties

What is the most characteristic of a society with a subsistence level economy?

a large percentage of people engaged in farming.

Which characteristic is true of modern-day monsters?

They are accepted by society yet have evil characteristicsAPEX

What is the definition of social organizer?

Definition for social organizations:Web definitions:(social organization) the people in a society considered as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships; "

You live in a society where some people go out to hunt and forage for food and others tend to the crops What kind of economy do you live in?


What are some of the factors that caused people of the 1920's to try and break away from the traditional values of society?

hello every one