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sovereignty of the people

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Q: Which concept found in the US constitution was a belief held by the social contract philosopher of the enlightenment period?
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The social contract is a concept first introduced by which Enlightenment philosopher?

Thomas Hobbes

Who is Thomas hobbes and what he did?

he was an English philosopher and developed a pessimistic .... and for the enlightenment he did....concept the social contract led to an investigation by other political theorists:)

Which concept found in the US constitution was not insured by the enlightenment?

Elected representatives.

Which political philosopher is best known for developing the concept of social contract?

John Locke

Concept from the European enlightenment that was included in the us constitution?

The Bill of Rights is an example of how Enlightenment is reflected in the United?æStates Constitution. The Bill of Rights makes sure the government is held responsible for protecting its citizens.

King george broke the social contract?

King George broke the social contract with the colonists by neither respecting nor protecting their rights. John Locke, the philosopher, was influential in developing the concept of a social contract.

What was the enlightenment concept of nature?

the enlightenment concept of nature is he the key to unlocking new mysteries of nature in the 1500s and 1600s.

What was the most concept of the enlightenment?


What is the Hindu concept if enlightenment?


Who is a non philosopher?

A non philosopher is a person that does not believe in philosophy. This is a concept that was first developed by Francios Laruelle, a French philosopher.

The idea that governments exist only by the consent of the people was first popularized by which enlightenment philosopher?

John Locke

Which Enlightenment concept does this demonstrate?

Separation of powers