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European countries in general benefited from the British Empire because they like the British empire were hell bent on looting whatever they could out of Asia the Americas and Africa. this ended up leading to a period where piracy was greatly reduced by the British navy to everyones benefit but the slaves that made up the slave trade the Chinese drug addicts that were the result of the British governments opium trade and all the poor saps all over the world that were being enslaved by the well armed Europeans.

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there were many countries but in particular, India, they built their first railway system and many more things

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Q: Which countries did not benefit from the British empire?
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What countries were not in the British Empire?

Argentina, Chile and Peru were never in the British Empire

What countries in Asia are part of British empire?

The British Empire no longer exists.

Are most of the countries that are in the Commonwealth were part of the British Empire?

They were all part of the British Empire

What was not a part of the British empire?

All non British, countries, colonies, territories or protectorates were not part of the British Empire.

Did everyone benefit from the British Empire?

have u heard of GOOGLE ..............

What countries did Britain lost from the british empire?

Click the link below for theTerritorial evolution of the British Empire.

How did the british empire take the countries?


What countries didn't belong to the British Empire?

About 50 countries were part of the British Empire. The rest of today's modern countries either didn't exist at the time or were in a different Empire. Some were even independent.

Did the British empire take over 53 countries?

The British Empire ruled more than a third of the world.

How is Africa connected to the UK?

At one time some of the countries in Africa were part of the British empire. Now they are independent, but some are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, an organisation that has some of the old British empire countries as members.

How did the Romans destroy the British empire?

Lol? The Romans were WAY before the British Empire! They didn't destroy it, the British were forced to retreat from several countries, and as such simply started to allow the others to leave the Empire, as they couldn't fight all the countries.

What countries got kicked out of the british empire?