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Q: Which country enacted the navigation acts?
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The purpose of the navigate acts was to?

The first Navigation Acts were enacted as early as 1650 to control colonial trade.

What law act made it illegal to trade with any country but England?

The act(s) which made it illegal to trade with any other country besides England was the Navigation Acts.

What British law not enforced before 1763?

Navigation Act

Who wrote the Navigation Acts?

The Navigation Acts were written by English Parliament. The acts were passed on October 9th, 1651. The Navigation Acts were eventually repealed in 1849.

When were the Navigation Acts passed?

the navigation acts were passed in 1660.

What rules could be found in the navigation acts?

The Navigation acts were passed by the British parliament.

How did the navigation acts the construction of canals?

The Navigation Acts affected the construction of canals cheaper.

What was not an elements of the navigation acts?

what was navigation act in 1660

How did England try control trade with its colonies?

Passing several Navigation Acts

Navigation acts what is it?

Navigation acts is a series of laws. These series of acts restricted the use of foreign ships for trade between Britain and its colonies

When did the navigation acts happen?

The Navigation Acts happened from 1660-1696 --- ---

What acts reflected Parliament's mercantilistic ideas?

Navigation Acts