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The most important duty expected of citizens is to vote in local and national elections. The voice of the people is heard through voting.

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Q: Which duty expected of citizens is the most important?
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What was the citizens most important duty in Greek and Roman society?

The most important civic duty of a citizen of ancient Greece or ancient Rome was to put the welfare of the state ahead of personal welfare or personal gain. The noblest actions were those which benefited the state.

What are the most important duties of government?

Government's important duties include making laws and enforcing those laws in order to protect its citizens. Another important duty of government is to provide for under privileged members of government.

Why are citizens expected to vote?

because most people vote and everyone goes with majority

Why did the outcome of the 1948 presidential election shock most U.S. citizens?

Most of the nation expected Dewey to win instead of Truman.

What do you think is the most important responsibility of citizens?


What is the most important part of banking?

the citizens

What is the most important duty of a priest?

The most important duty of a priest can hardly be narrowed down. They do SO much! But probably the two most important are bringing people to God and offering Jesus in the Mass.

What was a pharaohs most important duty?

Looking after Egypt

What was a samurais most important Duty?

to protect the people

The most important characteristic expected of a Medieval woman was?


What is considered the most important civic duty?

Jury Duty is stated as being the most important civic duty because it requires the most care and is very time oriented. It is essential for maintaining a solid structure for society and should never be taken lightly.

What is a citizen's most important right and duty?

The right to vote.