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In the United States the power rests with Congress.

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Does the state government make treaties?

No. The power to make treaties is exclusive to the Federal government.

What are the roles of the US Senate in the US Government?

In general, the US House represent the people and the US Senate represent the states. The roles of the US Senate include, passing bills, approving Executive appointments to high offices and federal courts, and ratifying treaties.

Which level of government is responsible for pensions?

federal government

What branch of government approves treaties with other nations?

The only branch of the United States Federal Government that can enter into treaties with other sovereign nations is the legislative branch.

What powers are only for the federal government?

make treaties, coin money, and declair war

Who is responsible for the federal government borrowing?


What are the things that the federal government are responsible for?


Which branches of the federal government is responsible for establishing lower federal?


Antifederalist opposed ratifying the constitution because they did not want to?

Anti-Federalists were opposed to ratifying the Constitution because they did not want to give the federal government that much power. The Constitution was eventually ratified on June 21, 1788.

What is the federal government responsible for?

The Federal government oversees the following areas:telecommunicationsimmigration, customs and border securityemploymentwelfareairportsincome taxdefenceeducation

What does the Judicial branch do other than enforce laws and interpret treaties?

federal or by your state's government?

What power is reseved for federal government?

the power to issue licenses