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Answer this question… Which fact of life for African Americans in the 19th century limited the impact of the event described in the headline?

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Q: Which event resulted directly from the growth of railroads in the 19th century?
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In the latter part of the 19th century Turkish nationalism led to?

growth of unity between ethnic populations

What did the interstate commerce commission regulate?

The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) regulated commercial transportation between the states: railroads, trucking, shipping, air freight; basically it regulated anything that moved goods. It originally started with the growth and development of railroads during the 19th century. The railroads in general were owned by fabulously wealthy investors, since it took a vast amount of capital to lay tracks and purchase the expensive engines and cars, the "high technology" of their day. In return for vast investments, the railroads expected vast profits, and they engaged in all sorts of unsavory tactics that were unfair to their customers. The ICC was established in 1887 following a Supreme Court decision in favor of railroads that ONLY the U.S. government could regulate interstate commerce, another blow against State's Rights. The U.S. Constitution only says the following about interstate commerce, describing the power of Congress: "To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes". Everything else that has come after is the result of legislation and court decisions.

The War Powers Resolution and the Twenty-Second Amendment addressed which political trend in the 20th century?

growth of presidential power during periods of emergency

What four factors led to increased national growth during the first two decades of the 19th century?

physical captial, human capital, natural capital, technological change

Did the growth in the powers of the federal government during the new deal benefit the nation?

Government growth in the 1920s was less than in any subsequent decade and resulted in the Great Depression. The 1920s fall between two well-known eras of government growth: the Progressive era prior to World War I, and the New Deal of the 1930s. It was the New Deal's increase inGovernment power through regulation, such as the creation of the SEC, which saved capitalism and brought this nation from the brink of no return.

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What is the dramatic industrial growth of the late 19th century?

Railroads were partly responsible for the dramatic industrial growth of the late 19th century. There was also a huge spike in immigration.

The immigration of the 19th century resulted in what?

rapd growth of the nation's urban centers

What was one positive and negative of the growth of railroads?

What was one positive and negative of the growth of railroads

Two new technical developments of the late nineteenth century that contributed to the spectacular growth of American cities were?

The Telegraph and the railroads

What invention made the growth of railroads possible?

the turnpike was the invention that made the growth of railroads possible

Which circumstance was most directly responsible for the rapid growth of the railroad industy?

selling stock in the railroad to investors to finance building more railroads

In the late 19th century the federal government aided the growth of transcontinental railroads by?

providing free land for laying railroad tracks -Zohirul

How did the growth of railroads lines promote the growth of cities and trade?

The growth of railroads lines promoted the growth of cities and trade because the goods were easily transported to other places.

How was growth in the use of railroads made possible?

The growth in the use of railroads was made possible because of cattle shipments. The Industrial Revolution was also a major factor in building more railroads.

How did the railroads contribute to the growth of cities?

Railroads contribute to the growth of cities because cities become connected and easily transport products back and forth.

What are three ways that railroads spurred the growth of industry?

Growth of economy

What role did railroads play in the growth of coal industry?

Railroads was the main reason why the coal industry kept in business, it depended largely in the railroads