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A capitalist system was the goal that was supported by the socialists but not by one Samuel Gompers.

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Q: Which goal was supported by socialists but not by Samuel Gompers?
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What goal was a supported by socialist but not by Samuel Gompers?

restructuring of government

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He promoted "thorough" organization and collective bargaining to secure shorter hours and higher wages, the first essential steps, he believed, to emancipating labor. He also encouraged the AFL (American Federation of Labor) to take political action to "elect their friends" and "defeat their enemies." His belief led to the development of procedures for collective bargaining and contracts between labor and management which are still in use today. In practice, AF of L unions were important in industrial cities, where they formed a central labor office to coordinate the actions of different AF of L unions. Issues of wages and hours were the usual causes of strikes, but many strikes were assertions of jurisdiction, so that the plumbers, for example, used strikes to ensure that all major construction projects in the city used union plumbers. In this goal they were ideally supported by all the other construction unions in the AF of L fold.

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