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State Attorney General, I believe.

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Q: Which government official is the commander of state law enforcement agencies?
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How many youths were arrested last year?

I do not have access to real-time information on the number of youths arrested last year. Please consult official reports or databases from relevant law enforcement agencies or government departments for this data.

How can you trace a licence plate to a home address?

Such resources are typically reserved for use by law enforcement and other official agencies - not the general public.

How do you combat terror with Justice?

The same way any law enforcement agency deals with crime: Find them, arrest them (and/or deadly force), try them in a court of law, administer justice (death, imprisonment, etc.). There are MORE different types of Law Enforcement Agencies in the US alone than there ever was in US history before. Today's law enforcement agencies have COMPUTERS, WEAPONS, and OVER-SEAS JURISDICTIONS. Today's law enforcement agencies also have the US MILITARY to assist them in law enforcement; this is "New", law enforcement did not have "official" military assistance prior to the 1990's.

Can a barangay official work on government agencies as a Job Order Employee?

no! It will be dual compensation and It is prohibited by our law

What world public opinion?

public opinio is an epression by private citizen and not government official or any of it's agencies

Please explain not sponsored by or agencies of the US of American?

Not affiliated with the Government in any way or official US offices.

How many robberies happened last year?

I don't have access to real-time data, so I can't provide the exact number of robberies that occurred last year. I recommend checking official crime statistics from law enforcement agencies or government sources for the most accurate information.

What branch of government official serves as commander in chief of the military?

The US President is the Comander in Chief of the US Military

Can a minor be search and questioned by school official without a parent present in Berkeley California?

Yes, the shcool acts under the doctrine of En LocoParentis, and as the school is not a law enforcement agency they are not subject to the rules and laws of search and seizure which limit law enforcement agencies.

How many swedes are on welfare?

I don't have that specific information, but you can refer to official statistics from the Swedish government or welfare agencies for accurate numbers.

How does the National Transportation Safety Board differ from other agencies?

it has no official enforcement or regulatory powers, it is a totally independent agency, and its specially trained staff conducts investigations and determines probable cause

What terms are most often used in the titles of federal agencies?

There are a few terms that are used most often in the titles of federal agencies. Some of these terms are official, federal, state, government, national, and American.