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Q: Which group of people where included with the british?
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Which group of people were pro-British?

Tories are the pro-British group.

What is the group of British people who made laws?

The British Parliament

Which group was included in the naturalization law of 1790?

free-white people

What are group benefits?

Group benefits are financial benefits that are available to a group of people such as company employees. Insurance and pensions are included in group benefits.

What group of people were added to the British electorate in 1918?

British men and women

Why were first nation's people not included in confederation discussions?

They did not have British colonial status and only British Colonies were invited to the party.

France's estates included which class or group of people?

nobles, bourguesie, priest

Who was the British Parliament?

is a group of people that makes the law about the colony

What group people was added to the British electorate in 1918?

The nobles

What group of people did the British send to Australia to get them out of England?


What group of people were asked to be a witnessed at the u.s investigation?

british jips

What is a wunch?

A wunch is a British term used for a group of unpleasant people.