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The group with the best win-loss record for U.S. Presidential elections is Cabinet Members, with a record of 5-1 (83%).

The second-best record belongs to incumbent Presidents (19-10 or 66%).

#3 is a tie between Governors (9-9-1) and Army Generals (3-3) at 50% each.

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Q: Which kind of elected official has been most successful in being elected president?
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President Ronald Reagan was actually a very successful actor prior to being elected president. He was the 40th president of The United States of America.

What do you call an elected official before being sworn in?

He is called the blank-elect where blank is the name of the position to which he has just been elected. Examples: president-elect, congressman-elect, etc.

Is it true Only governors can be elected President of the US?

No, Obama was a Senator before being elected president

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Can you be elected president if you are not a governor?

yes i-- Being a governor has no direct relation to being elected president. (It is just one of many past experiences that votes may view favorably when they vote for president.)

When do you start being a president?

the same day you are elected

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yes he or she can

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Millard Fillmore aquired presidency without being elected

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You become a King because of your parentage. You become an elected official by asking others to vote for you.

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