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Executive Order 13237

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Q: Which law or policy is the President and direction to all federal agencies to strengthen protections against trafficking in federal contracts by calling for stronger prohibitions on contractor eng?
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What is the President and direction to strengthen protections against trafficking in federal contracts by calling for stronger prohibitions on contractor engagement in human trafficking-related ac?

The president has nothing to do with federal contracts. There are all ready protections again human trafficking and laws concerning this matter. Contractors do bring in foreign workers to work on construction sites. In fact Eastern European workers are now building auto plants here instead of American workers.

What policy describes The President's efforts to strengthen the efficacy of the zero-tolerance policy on trafficking in persons by calling for stronger prohibitions on contractor engagement in human t?

Executive Order 13627

What is the President direction to all federal agencies?

what law or policy is the President's direction to all federal agencies to strengthen protections against trafficking in federal contracts

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