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None of the constitution can be changed unless there is a convention called and everyone votes on it

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Q: Which laws cannot be changed by the government itself?
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How are laws changed in Spain?

the spainish government change them.

How are laws made and changed in Argentina .?

the laws get established by the government and are passed on by the supreme court.

Who Changed the law of seats on the bus?

Laws are changed or introduced by the government departments of the country concerned.

How are laws changed in state government?

it was the law to free speech and how many laws a president could be which is two because he died on the second one and so he changed them

Laws cannot be passed to implement government policies.?


In China how did Qin Shihuangdi make China and central government stronger?

he overlayed his members when he was an government and changed strict laws.

The government of South Africa changed laws about land divisions after which political system ended?


What limits do the US Constitution place on federal government?

There are many. 1 is the government cannot veto state laws.

What was true about journalist like edward r murrow?

Their work changed how many people looked at their government

Who gives our government power?

the laws give the government powerThe people give the government its powers. This is one of the foundational principles of the U.S. Constitution:Limited Government: Since the people give government its power, government itself is limited to the power given to it by them. In other words, the US government does not derive its power from itself. It must follow its own laws and it can only act using powers given to it by the people.

Common laws were unwritten laws that came from local customs what are the possible difficulties that can arise from having such unwritten laws?

England has been governed by Common Law since the middle ages. They are, as stated, Common Law found to be worthy to be accepted by the people and sanctioned by the government. It is held to be inviolate in so far as being changed by the government. The laws can only be changed by the will of the people. England has no Constitution.

How did oligarchies affect the making of laws?

An oligarchy makes law to benefit itself and to keep control of the government.