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Q: Which nation adopted and then largely abandoned the policy of assimilation in Africa?
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Why did the french choose association policy over assimilation in Africa?

The French thought that they should preserve the traditional institutions of the local people, instead of allowing communities to evolve separately from mainstream society.

What are the three theories for the emergence of Homo sapiens?

Assimilation model, multiregional continuity model, and out of Africa model

Which continent was largely taken over by the imperialistic nations of the world?


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In 1994

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Because Africa is very near to sea and many other country are also nearer to Africa they will supply gold for sail in chief rate that's by in south Africa adopted gold standard.

What is a Country in north western Africa largely Sahara desert?


Continent once largely covered by glaciers?

africa Actually, all of them.

What religion were the berber?

------------------------ The Berbers of North Africa were pagans or nominal Christians before the arrival of Islam, after which they adopted Islam. Egypt remained predominantly Christian for some centuries after the arrival of Islam, because Christianity had been adopted throughout the country, down to the village level, and was part of the national culture. In North Africa, the region to the west of Egypt, Christianity was the religion of the colonists and was largely restricted to the major cities. When many of the Christian colonists left, there was no cultural association with Christianity among the largely rural Berbers.

How and when did South Africa adopt the gold standard?

in 1929 thats when south africa adopted the gold standard

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No there is no rainforest in South Africa. South America is largely covered by rainforest. African rain forest are found in central Africa