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Non-confrontation and Risk Removal

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Q: Which of the following is NOT categorized as a private sector competency needed by the Acquisition professional?
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The Pendleton Act required appointees to public office to?

The Pendleton Act required appointees to public office to take civil service exams. It was intended to promote appointment based on merit rather than connections or political ties. It was passed under President Arthur following the assassination of President Garfield by Charles Guiteau, a man who believed he had been cheated of a public office position.

Cardholders who hold Ordering Officer delegation must follow standard Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) procedures for order placement.?

Cardholders who hold an ordering officer delegation must follow component procedures for order placement. These procedures will address requirements related to which of the following

What are political skills of a manager?

A project manager will encounter politics - the struggle to acquire and maintain power - on a daily basis, as he or she competes to secure resources and support for their project. This is inevitable, given the probable diversity of backgrounds and expectations of those with an interest in the project. Political skills will be necessary to make deals and resolve conflicts with stakeholders, over whom project managers may have little formal authority. Managing the following aspects needs to be addressed:

Which of the following is not an enumerated powers of the national govenme?

which of the following is not an enumerated powers of the national government

Which of the following sets up the executive branch headed by the President?

The question is incomplete. There are no options given (for "which of the following") to answer this question.

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What are the competency of communicates components?

The competency of Communicates has many components. Which of the following is not a component of the competency of Communicates?

Which of the following is the Army's Acquisition Corps organized as part of?

the acquisition corps does not exist

Which of the following can be considered as a Computer Hardware Servicing competency?

Hard to say when there is nothing following.

Which of the following played a role in the acquisition of Cuba by the US?

texas rangers

What started the westward expansion?

The acquisition of the vast new territories following the Mexican War.

Which of the following is TRUE regarding acquisition and extinction?

These terms apply to classical conditioning but not to operant conditioning

Which of the following features of us education today cannot be traced to colonial times?

tax supported schools? No. Teacher competency tests. :)

Which of the following is a characteristic of professional presence?

What is "the following"?

Which organization is described in the following statement Sponsors acquisition training through its campuses?

Defense Acquistion University (DAU)

Which of the following is required for all acquisition programs to make sure environmental issues are addressed?


What are Successful acquisition management is more likely when the following risk factors are assessed and addressed?

Cost, schedule, and performance

What Does The Term Acquisition Financing Mean?

Acquisition financing is the money provided a buyer of a business to pay for the purchase. That is distinct from the financing needed to operate the business once it is acquired. Often, when a buyer is acquiring a business, it will require both acquisition financing (which is typically longer term financing) and financing to meet the day-to-day needs of the business following the acquisition.