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If it's there, the one that says: "They were written for countertenor and mouth organ".

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Q: Which of the following is not an accurate statement about Slave Spirituals?
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What were haunting songs of slave religion?


What was the Slave spirituals reiterated one basic Christian theme?

The slave spirituals reiterated one basic Christian theme: a chosen people were held captive but would be delivered.

Slave spirituals showed that they identified with which group of people?


What do you call the slave songs that combined african american rTHYMS with biblical scripture?

They were called "Negro Spirituals".

Why were spirituals a threat to slave owners?

Spirituals were often sung to pass along coded news and messages among the field hands.

What do the spirituals you have read reveal about the life of a slave?

it sad and is like nobody run away.

What inspired early jazz vocal style?

Slave work songs, blues, and spirituals

What do you call the slave songs that combined African rhyths with biblical scripture?

Those are called spirituals, which originated from the African American slave experience in the United States. Spirituals often combined African rhythms and melodies with Christian teachings and biblical scripture, serving as a means of resilience, hope, and cultural expression for enslaved individuals.

Why were the spirituals so important to enslaved people?

Spirituals were so important to enslaved people because when the slaves were out on the fields working they would sing spirituals, or religious songs based on bible stories, as a source of strength for the slaves as they tried to deal with the hardship of the slave life

How did the slaves use their imagination in order to reverse the harsh reality of the owner-slave relationship?

A strong musical tradition, in the form of field-songs and spirituals, some of them accompanied by the banjo - a happy slave-invention.

Who wrote down by the river to pray?

It was first recorded in a book on African American slave spirituals in 1867. Also the song might be a earlier book in 1837.

Why did slave owners want to capture Harriet Tubman?

because she either led enslaved people to freedom sang forbidden spirituals fought for the Fugitive Slave Act frightened slaves with her stories the answer is led enslaved people to freedom