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I am 100% positive that the answer is Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions. :)

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Q: Which of the following proposed a challenge to the constitutional authority of the national governement?
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Which one of the following federal government organizations has the constitutional authority to approve or disapprove the appointment of ambassadors?


In what ways did the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening prompt Americans to challenge traditional sources of authority?

The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening prompted Americans to challenge traditional sources of authority. These movements showed citizens the how to reason and think for themselves, instead of just following authority. They felt that people should follow the way of Jesus instead of blindly following the current leaders in authority.

Who enjoys constitutional position?

who of the following enjoy constitutional position

What meeting led to the decision to call for a constitutional convention?

The Constitutional Convention was a direct result of the Annapolis Convention of 1786. Due to lack of authority and participation, it was recommended to Congress to hold a larger convention in Philadelphia in May of the following year.

What of the following is NOT lawful authority and can be a cause of unauthorized commitments?

Apparent Authority

Which preposition follows the word authority?

If there is a preposition following authority, it is often "of" indicating the source of authority. The prepositions "in" or "for" would indicate the scope of authority.

Which of the following established England as a constitutional monarchy?

English Bill of Rights

Following approval at the constitutional convention the constitution was sent to  ?

The states for ratification

Which of the following determines executive acts to be constitutional or unconstitutional?

Supreme Court

What are synonyms of bypassing authority or not following protocol?


Which of the following describes Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch of the United Kingdom?


Which of the following statements about African American involvement in state constitutional conventions is NOT true?

African Americans had not interest in becoming delegates for state constitutional conventions.