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Local governments have no status in the constitution.

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Q: Which of the following statements best describes the discussion of local government found in the Constitution?
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What does Constitution describes?

How the government works.

What describes the branches of government?

The something of the constitution

Which of these statements best describes a confederate form of government?

a government that is characterized by a loosely organized group

What is the part of the constitution that describes each branch of government.?

The Articles of the U.S. Constitution describe each branch of government.

Which of these statements best describes Legalism?

Legalism stresses unquestioning obedience to the government.

What document describes the government and laws in Mexico?

The Mexican Constitution.

What statements describes why 1876 was an important year in Texas history?

The current Texas state constitution was adopted in that year.

What is the name of the document that describes the plan of government for Ohio?

The Ohio Constitution.

1.What best describes what the Constitution is for our nation?

The framework and laws for government.

Which of these describes an influence that British government had on the U.S. Constitution and the government of the US?

a bicameral legislative body

Which type of document usually describes the basic structure functions ad powers of a government?

the constitution

What are the features of a constitutional government?

A constitutional government is a government whose rules and policies are limited by a constitution. A constitution is a written document that describes the rules and principles of a political entity.